Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Health Wise Chinese Medicine Chinese Medicine in the Heart of Central


We all seem to have them; those little aches and pains that tend to surface when the mercury drops. They're nothing serious, but they crop up at the least convenient times, leaving us hobbling around like Quasimodo. Old injuries from midnight tennis matches, strains from midget tossing tournaments, pulled muscles from over ambitious diving off birthday junks. Gentlemen, we're not here to judge, but to sooth.

So are the professional practitioners at Health Wise, a traditional Chinese medical consultancy in Central. Its team of consultants specializes in a number of fields including sports injuries and rehabilitation, internal Chinese herbal medication, and even reproductive therapy - just in case you're shooting more blanks than a Spaghetti Western.

Health Wise also do acupuncture sessions and neuromuscular massage, or you can just have a lifestyle consultation and find out which traditional ingredients might give you more...vitality?
Even if you've never experienced Eastern medicine - perhaps put off by the needles and variety of ground animals - millions across Asia still swear by these traditional remedies.

Which begs the question, why not?

Health Wise Chinese Medicine Consultancy
Location: Suite 1001, Winway Building, 50 Wellington St, Central,
Telephone: 2526 7908,


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