Thursday, 14.12.2017

Just Buy This One Taking the Hard Work out of Online Shopping


Anyone that's sat across the table from an indecisive date knows that often, too much choice is a seriously bad thing. Everywhere we go we have a myriad choices; set menu versus à la carte, do you want cream with your Grande soya mochaccino, will you fill your home Jacuzzi with brunettes or blondes this weekend?

Sometimes it would be easier if life was a little more like FX, the television channel with almost no choice at all. After all, we're jacks of all trades but masters of none – how are we supposed to be able to make all these complicated choices? That's where Just Buy This One come in. They've done all the hard work for you.

They have a team of monkeys working around the clock, checking out all the technical info on consumer products like digital cameras, kettles, televisions and laptops, and break your choice down to a simple 1, 2 or 3 based on price and the personal experiences of people who actually own the products.

What's even better, if you don't like what you brought, their Room Service program handles all those tricky returns, replacements and refunds for you. Freeing you up for far more important decisions.

Like will you be using bubble bath in the Jacuzzi?

Just Buy This One
Room Service program only available for UK purchases.


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