SocialBook Turn Your Facebook into a Real Book


For the past few decades, it's been drummed into us that we should get away from 'real' books, move away from paper, shun anything that isn't made up of 1s and 0s, and create a complete online persona. We should be reading books on Kindles and emailing photos and videos rather than having real conversations with people. And if we really do have to talk, it's via Skype or MSN chat, both of which we can fortunately access while on the go.

So it's ironic that one group of social media advocates now offer the unique service of having your online life (minus that subscriptions to published in hard cover. SocialBook will take all those memories, from conversations and messages to postings and photos, and create your own hard cover Facebook book, so that those cherished online moments may be preserved for generations to come.

Even if you're ready to move on with your 'real' life, we're sure your kids would love to know just how much ass you were going to find on that buck's night to Macau with 'Uncle' Mike, or what their mother really looked like when you first...tagged her.

There's one for the history books.

From US$35 for 50 pages in hard cover


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