Good Old Days Vintage Watches in Causeway Bay


According to the American author, Ambrose Bierce, “experience is a revelation, in the light of which we renounce our errors of youth for those of age.” In other words, we never really stop learning or stop making mistakes; though here's hoping that when we're 60 we won't find ourselves waking up on the floor of someone else's bathroom dressed in a kimono with the remnants of our phone paddling in the sink and morsels of shawarma wedged in our teeth.

The point is that newer, younger, fresher does not always mean better (no matter how many times you marry them); sometimes you need to turn back to the classics to obtain true style. Go old to be new. Yada, yada, yada. And this is exactly what they do at Good Old Days. They specialize in selling vintage watches (produced between 1910 and 1990), stocking over 700 pieces at any given time.

Owner Mr. Szeto scours the world and the internet picking up classic timepieces, a handful of which are then bought, cleaned up and restored by his team until they reach Christie's standards for vintage watches.
He sells expensive models as well as some half-fat models, so if you're gagging for a classic Jaeger-LeCoultre or simply a vintage Casio F-91W with night light, you might
just be in luck.

After all, you're only as old as...

Good Old Days
Shop P408A, 4/F, World Trade Centre, Causeway Bay
2116 0088


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