Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Inertrain Online Personal Fitness Training


Ah, its the early chapters of a new year, when those resolutions still ring in the ears and all those good intentions remain fresh and potent. You're determined to make more time for yourself, and a big part of that is at the gym, where you have every intention of carving guns from blocks of pure man-metal, and building a six pack that you can literally grate cheese on. You know, as a party trick. But hell, who has the time? The gyms are filled with whooping, lycra-clad tai-tais and personal trainers who ask you to sign checks as you do squats.

But if you're the kind of guy that embraces technology, you might be in luck.

Inertrain links personal trainers around the world with guys like us, who want to realize our potential but are time poor at best.

Using the internet, you can sign up for a package, choose a trainer that works for you based on their innovative algorithm, and then hit the gym with your own, customized program, whenever you have time.

You'll have progress reports at intervals during the week and what's best, you'll never be one of those chumps paying for a dude to watch you lift weights while they chat on their phone.

Ain’t nothing personal about that.


From US$60 for two week program


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