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Part of being a guy is looking out for your mates. Like wolves, we tend to work and play in a pack; a close knit group of guys who understand where we're coming from and where we're trying to get, who know our humor and are always there with a sly comment and a cold beer. Karma has a way of shining down on a man who looks after his kin, and so does NecesCity.

In our latest subscriber promo, you'll not only show what a great mate you are by introducing NecesCity, the secret Hong Kong men's fraternity, to your brethren, putting them in the running to win some awesome prizes, but you can also take part yourself by joining our Facebook fan page . On top of that you can earn $200 in Park 'n' Shop credit for every ten successful recommendations.

Prizes for new subscribers range from a month's gold membership at Impakt, an Apple iPad, and a grooming session at Inspire for Men, to steaks at Morton's, and a night at the new Langham Beijing Airport.

There's also a kinky little Cobra Libre (you'll have to check that one out yourself), bubbles from Chandon, a pair of Cipher footwear, and even a three hour golf party at CityLinks. If you're lucky they might take you.

Cause brotherly karma works both ways.

NecesCity Subscriber Promotion

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