Volé Wan Chai's Gourmet Food Market


So you went through the paces; you smiled and charmed, you listened and learned, you waited with bated breath, took a plunge and now, in just a few hours time, the target of your attentions will be arriving at your humble abode, ready to judge your suitability as a life-long mate, solely on your home cooking. Now you could fake it, order pizza, take credit and start your affair on a lie, or you could man up, double knot your apron and bring out the inner Jamie.

Fortunately Volé (not to be confused with the small, mouse-like rodent of the same name), the “Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Food Mart”, has all the ingredients you'll need to literally wow the pants off her taste buds. Volé specialize in foods flown in from the world's far flung corners, including Japanese Wagyu, lamb from New Zealand and Wales, salmon from Scotland and Alaskan King Crab.

They have the stuffed olives for your martini, the anchovies for your Caesar, the caviar for your blinis, and those fancy mini chickens that will fit in your kitchen's tiny Easy-Bake oven. The website might have been written by Yoda (“on Beer category, HK$5 discount you can enjoy”) but when it comes to date night, they have you covered.

Until you do the uncovering that is.

Shops 2, 6& 7, G/F Causeway Centre, 28 Habour Road, Wanchai, Tel: 2511 1589,


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