Secret SMS Replicator An SMS Replicator App for Android Phones


Those pesky women, they can be as effective at catching you out as some of the best KGB and CIA moles combined. It's passion that drives them, and probably daddy issues that motivates them, but either way, the results are always ugly.

They might look through your diary, check your Facebook page for friends they don't approve of, or even have two phones, one of which they use to message you, pretending to be your ex trying to get you back. Modern men need to be aware of the dangers.

Another infiltration is taking the Android phone world by storm.

Secret SMS Replicator is a tiny app that she can download to your phone while you're in the shower or cooking a romantic dinner.

It sits, silently and virtually invisible, replicating every text message you send and delivering those secret thoughts – of infidelity or not - straight to her phone for later analysis with her man-hating girlfriends.

You won't find this program on your phone's menu and the only way to get rid of the app is with a secret self-destruction code that only she knows.

Probably easier getting rid of the girl?

Secret SMS Replicator


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