Parkour Extravaganza Learn The Art of Parkour


It wasn't really until the James Bond flick Casino Royale came out that most of us knew about Parkour,  an acrobatic, death defying means of getting from A to B by somersaulting and leaping over barriers both natural and manmade. Seeing French actor and parkour founder SĂ©bastien Foucan scale, jump, leap and role through his escape from Britain’s most lethal spy sparked a parkour renaissance of sorts, bringing the art from the obscurity of documentaries, into the warmth of the lime light. 

If you fancy learning some Spiderman antics, or are more of a purist and just want to commute to work that much more efficiently, the city's first ever 'Parkour Extravaganza' (that word is used far too much in Hong Kong) will be held at the base of Ngong Ping 360, the sometimes-working-cable car.

A team of highly trained back-flipping Frenchmen will lead parkour parades until November 28, using the natural architectural landscape to perform all sorts of tricks and stunts.

Afterwards, they'll host free parkour workshops for those keen to crack heads and thrill ladies. 

Ready, Steady, Roll.

Parkour Extravaganza
Ngong Ping 360, Tung Chung
To book a place in workshops call 3666 0606