Inspire for Men The Spa for Real Men


Just cause you're a burly bloke doesn't mean you can't pamper yourself from time to time. Just because the male version of 'Sex in the City' is a bit more risqué, doesn't mean we guys don't like to look after ourselves. And just because we dress in power suits and drink black coffee, doesn't mean we can't do with a visit from the Self Confidence Fairy now and then.

Inspire for Men, a member of the Phillip Wain group, is dedicated to you XYs out there looking to shed a few pounds and manicure your manliness.

Located in Causeway Bay, Inspire for Men is a one stop man-pamper parlor, with facial treatments, saunas (the well behaved kind), massage treatments and even body toning treatments, so you can look your best for your next performance review, cocktail party, or Greco-Roman wrestling match.

Inspire for Men also offers professional medical slimming treatments, so you can shoe horn yourself into some lime green Speedos in time for summer. For NeCitizens, Hong Kong's socially immortal; Inspire for Men has a special rate of $388 on their extra-special Star Treatments.

Too good to be true? Check it out.

Inspire for Men
Unit 502, Lee Gardens II, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Tel: 2808 4889,

Nuts & Bolts
A grooming centre for real men

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