Wednesday, 20.9.2017

Regent VIP Hong Kong Get Chauffeur Driven in Style with Regent VIP


Remember when you were young and being able to drive was paramount to the happiness of your entire life? The feeling of the open road, of freedom, of having a mobile bedroom. Yet because so few of us drive here in Hong Kong – unless you have a second wife in Shenzhen - there's really no need to have a car full time so those hours spent behind the wheel and the convenience that comes with it are lost.

If you really need to get some wheels, then Regent VIP might be just the ticket.

They have a fleet of luxury sedans as well as “limos” (get those ideas of white, 50-Cent style, Miami stretches out of your head, this is Asia so expect a stylish Toyota Vios people mover) and even mini vans for short term, hourly and long term lease.

When your mother comes to visit, you can keep up the high-rolling banker facade with a rental Mercedes S350, or pick up your mates for a bucks weekend in a modern people mover, guaranteed to have enough cup holders. They can provide full chauffeur services, and you never know, mini vans just might be your thing.

“Just feel the leather on these captain chairs.”

Regent VIP Hong Kong
Telephone: 8216 1266


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