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Deep down, we all enjoy the sense of giving. Remembering a mate's birthday with a bottle of rare whiskey, or surprising your lady friend with a little baby blue jewelery box that's sure to make an impact. It brings out the humanity in us to put a smile on the dial of those that we we care about, or even in the case of business, those that hold the money that we care about. And gift baskets are the Jenna Jameson of giving (and yes, she's named for the Irish whiskey).

Gift Baskets Hong Kong has a wide range of...well, gift baskets, with everything from wine and cheese, through to fresh flowers and even one called the Seasonal Hamper, stuffed with grape juice and cheese balls (for those intimate trailer park celebrations).

They have plenty of affordable options, for when it really is the thought that counts, but if you're trying to make an impact, up-size with the wine gourmet hamper, packed to the gills with red and white wine from Bordeaux, goose pate, spiced pork cubes (for some strange reason), and gourmet chocolate.

Does anyone have any Grey Poupon?

Gift Baskets Hong Kong
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