Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Help Me Decide


According to a Nielsen Company study, 90 percent of us will trust a friend's opinion over almost anything else. This not only throws trust issues on to our already towering stack of emotional luggage, but it also puts us in a bit of a bind when it comes to the 20,000 or so decisions we make every day. Blonde or brunette? Beer or whiskey? Fish or chicken? It's endless.

But a new Facebook app called Help Me Decide (because Ronda didn't care) makes it easier to get a sense of what your friends really think about the choices you should be making.

Simply add it to your Facebook profile and toss up a couple of choices for the masses to mull over; from how to announce “it's over” without looking like a prick, and olive or twist, to which pair of Florsheim flat toes you'll be strutting around in this winter.

You'll get the benefit of your friend's infinite wisdom, their frank remarks, and their bountiful bias, all for free. It's just another day on Facebook really.

Of course, your friends could be idiots.

Help Me Decide
Available on Facebook

Nuts & Bolts
You can't decide? Ask your friends.


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