I Am A Stuffed Animal Extend Your Own Charismatic Authority


Many of the world's most power-hungry despots suffered from the Cult of Personality. Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Stalin and even modern day leaders like Chavez, use mass media and their governmental control, to project their presence everywhere.

Stalin erected towering statues of himself across Russia, renaming streets and train stations in his own name, and allowed so many men to die so that Stalingrad, his 'own' city would not fall, a complex sociologist Max Weber called Charismatic Authority.

Now you can follow in the tyrants' footsteps, with I Am A Stuffed Animal. These guys will create a 14-inch tall stuffed doll of your own likeness, based on photos and descriptions you send them, and then post it back to you, anywhere in the world.

The more detailed the images you send, the more detailed the 'buddy', and you can even get dolls of friends or your favourite stars as well.

The draw back is it takes 7-10 weeks for international buddy-creation, but that's a small price to pay for stuffed infamy.

Let the cult begin.

I Am A Stuffed Animal
From US$69

Nuts & Bolts
Create a buddy in your own likeness


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