Wednesday, 20.9.2017

Edible You Are What You Eat


We were all adventurous in our youth, willing to sing at karaoke, eat the tequila worm, even sleep with a redhead from time to time. We were kings of the world, afraid of nothing, our life ahead, borderless.

But it was so easy to leave the Indiana Jones streak behind; to sink into the routines of banking and blondes, and to limit our adventurous side to the odd drunken fish ball and perhaps taking pinot noir with your salmon.

But it doesn't have to be over. Like the famous Explorers Club dinners in New York, Edible, a UK foodie outfit, lets you order delicacies from across the globe, including silk worms and rare coffee from the digestive tract of Indonesian civets, reindeer pate, and hornet honey.

They even offer recipes on how to prepare such exotic ingredients for your next manly dinner party.

They're by no means cheap, but they'll deliver your little exotic selection right to your door, just like a Russian escort service, and help you remember the explorer within.

Bee for Brilliant

Oven-baked tarantula from Cambodia from GBP14.95

Nuts & Bolts
Insects to aphrodisiacs for dinner


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