Art Lease It's My Prerogative


So you like to change your mind, your eating habits, your dress style, favourite tipple and taste in the lovelies from time to time. Apparently – as we are reminded from cradle to grave -  it's a woman's right to change her mind whenever she wants, and now, after years of inequality, it's our turn. As 90s icon Bobby Brown said, “it's my prerogative, no one tells me what I'm going to do”, and that applies to the art in your home as well.

Fortunately Art Lease have been lending out art for the walls of Hong Kong flats for a decade now, and have a wide collection of pieces from all different artistic styles.

Feel like replacing those spring-themed water colours with some edgy black and white photos in time for summer? In the mood for Balinese ethnic art in the living room but something a little more abstract in the bedroom (we mean the art, not the sex life)?

Art Lease even lend out sculptures and commission pieces to meet your artistic needs, and you can pop down to their office in Exchange Square whenever change is in the air.

Make Bobby proud

Art Lease
8/F, Exchange Square, Tower Two, 8 Connaught Place, Central
Tel: 8106 6071

Nuts & Bolts
Change your flat's art whenever you like

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