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The ancient Nepalese and Indian tribes were among the first to harness the powers of fire and tobacco to create the water pipe. They would cool their tobacco smoke with water, and infuse the leaf with spices to create flavoured aromas.

Now, whatever you call them – shisha, hookah, narghile, bubbly-bubbly…bong – water pipes remain fun and interactive. Whether you’re camped out in the Empty Quarter or killing time in Soho, shisha bonds men together over smoke and idly chat; its exoticism lingering like eyes across a Drew Barrymore Playboy spread.

So if you’re thinking of buying one for your rooftop or terrace – or contemplating opening a Turkish kebab shop – you’ll need shisha supplies.

Hong Kong’s Hookah Hutt offers a wide range of colourful and intricate water pipes, as well as a plethora of flavours.

You can custom create your own shisha pipe or opt for one of their starter kits, which include the hookah, three free flavours, a travel case (for hookah on the road), a user guide and city-wide delivery.

Guaranteed the only hookah your girlfriend will like.

Hookah Hutt
2F, 2A Hanoi Rd, TST
Tel: 2366 7588

Nuts & Bolts
The place for all your shisha supplies

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