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So she said yes and she is coming over for dinner, tonight! But don’t panic (and don’t put away too much of that red wine yet either), you’re in good hands. You’re a smart fella, you can follow the Pidgin English instructions to a Thai go go bar after six Stolis, and set up the surround sound on your own X-box, so cooking a simple yet elegant dinner can’t be all that daunting. Can it?

Fortunately Yummly, the ultimate recipe search engine, has you covered.

They have everything from soups and salads to start the night off, through to main dishes, roasts, steaks and pastas, and even deserts best eaten back on the…errr, sofa.

If you have an idea of what you would like to cook, just type it into the search box. If you need inspiration from the miserable looking ensemble in your fridge, you can search by ingredient, and if this is going to be a regular thing, you might want to sign up to their newsletter.

You might even invite her into the kitchen to help you out.

And put a whole new twist on the term ‘naked chef’.



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