Become A Deal Stealer

Sure you're a savvy urbanite whose not shy flashing the greenback or the plastic when you see something that grabs your eye. But that doesn't mean you don't like a deal, or shun value for money like you might a half-pissed heffalump interrupting a lad’s night out. Recognizing a good thing when you see it got you where you are today, so when someone's yelling "great deals", you'll be listening.

Fortunately all you’ll have to do is log onto which has just launched in our fair city.

Based on the principles of group buying, and with a hefty inspiration from Groupon in the US, the site runs a ridiculously good deal each day – it could be a W Hotel Bliss Spa treatment for 50% off, a $99 voucher for a $400 treatment at Toni & Guy or a 51% discounted dinner at BLT Steak – and as soon as a pre-determined number of people pledge to buy the item at the advertised rate (enough for the seller to cover their costs), then you cash in.

If it doesn’t grab enough attention, no one is worse off.

After Groupon’s amazing success in the States there are already over 100 clones in CN and HK always being a bit slow with all things digital is following suit with other sites, such as , and (only in Chinese).
Let the bargains begin.
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