Wednesday, 24.5.2017



Time to Zazzle

Recently it was confirmed that Calvin Klein, famed for its ‘Crouch Kevlar’, has bought rival brand Tommy Hilfiger for US$3b, further confirming that there is plenty of money in fashion, even if there doesn’t seem to be money in anything else.

And what does it take to become a zillionaire fashion designer? A flare for colours and textures? Years of training at the world’s finest academies? Or just the gahoolies to do something brash, something out there; something with the individualism of a bi-polar, one legged performance artist on speed balls?

Zazzle lets you customise yourself all over a wide range of gear, including coffee cups and calendars, classic shoes and t-shirts and even stationary and postage notes. If you were looked over last time the government searched for a face for postage stamps, if you think the world needs to see your ugly mug on the side of a coffee cup (or perhaps that of one of your mates), or you believe you have what it takes to create a new fashion movement by putting your childhood finger paintings onto t-shirts, hoodies and retro sneakers, then surf the site and start challenging fashion’s conventions (they also make fun gifts for loved ones).

After all, Mugatu only started with the piano key necktie.


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