Tiger Text Cause Nothing is Truly Impossible


We all remember Mission Impossible, in which team leader Jim Phelps would be handed an innocuous message – perhaps a cocktail napkin or ingeniously engraved beer nut – which then relayed the “agency’s” instructions.

All pretty standard secret agent stuff really. But then bang, the message would self-destruct faster than Michael Richard’s career at the Apollo Theatre, thus securing the safety of both agent and agency (but not comedian). How many times have you wished – nay, prayed – to have this power at your fingertips?

Either named for the elusive cat or perhaps the wayward golfer, Tiger Text allows you to choose the exact time of demise for your text messages, from a minute to days. Load it as an app for your iPhone (it also works on some Blackberrys) and bare your soul to the world, safe in the knowledge that your message’s self destruct mechanism is already primed and ready for action. Recipients will have to download the Tiger Text ‘reader’, and there are charges for sending once your free month is over, but it won’t be long until the sinful message soiree begins.

Because diamonds are forever, but text messages don’t have to be.

Tiger Text
US$1.99 a month (after 30 day trial)

Nuts & Bolts
Simple software that destroys your sent text messages on your command


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