For the Bobble Head That You Are

Many of history's greatest men and women - people who changed the world we live in - have been immortalised. Some, like the Communist leaders Lenin and Mao, were embalmed, so that their memories could live on, encased in crystal and photographed by tourists. Others are remembered in towering bronze casts, with street signs and college scholarships or in moving poetry.

But what about immortalising your mates with their very own, personalised bobble head doll? Don't wait till the Grim Reaper comes a knockn' to give your mates a truly unique gift. Unusually will hand-make a bobble head action figure of your wing man, based on photographs, and the likeness can be uncanny. There is a wide range of body doubles, including explorer, ninja and ice hockey legend, ready for your friend’s head to be mounted on it, and you can even add specific tattoos and a voice recording (all for additional charges) to create the ultimate "mini me".

After all, "you're remembered for the rules you break.” -  Douglas MacArthur


From HK$600
Stores in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok and Causeway Bay.

Nuts & Bolts
Create an ever lasting memory, to be cherished by the ages


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