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Putting the Laughter into Manslaughter

Few action heroes are brought back to life after a fatal case of career stagnation. Who remembers the Highway Men, George “Hannibal” Peppard from the A Team, or the name of the guy who flew Blue Thunder? However, through the power of the internet and pop culture’s fascination with all things kitsch, one past celebrity has experienced a revival brighter and more popular than ever before – and now you can wear the t-shirt to prove it.

Chuck Norris, the original Texas Rangering, ass-kickin’ cow boy we all remember as the right (and left) foot of justice, was socially resuscitated by net fans who took his awesomely destructive persona and created the Chuck Norris Facts. These are a series of hilarious and thoroughly implausible feats of strength and lethality attributed to the Republican poster boy, which include creating the giraffe with one uppercut and being able to stare information out of books rather than read them. Spreadshirt.com has created a range of t-shirts and hoodies so you can wear your favorite facts on your sleeve – or in this case on your chest – helping immortalize this crime fighter’s re-celebrification.

Because Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep. He waits.

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