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Let’s face it, everyone likes to be understood and we all like to be listened to. We love it when people buy us birthday presents that they know we’ll like. It’s great when your mate orders you a drink from the bar, already knowing your favorite tipple, and even better when he recognizes when you’ve had enough and sends you home. Even Yoko Ono figured it out when she said “at least I had that; one guy who understood me.”

So when it comes to movie selection, it helps when someone has your back. Finland’s Film Gator (not to be confused with Burt “The Gator” Reynolds) takes what you’ve seen, and what you thought of it, and uses a special algorithm, combined with a recommendation search engine, to tell you what you might like in the future. This takes a lot of the hassle out of movie selection (no more reading the back of DVD covers, hoping for inspiration), and the more you tell Film Gator about your fancy for say, gratuitous violence and animated mermaids, and dislike for Film Noir and sassy teen musicals, the more it helps you to help yourself.

It’s like being best mates with a movie geek.


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Film Gator knows you, and your film choices, best


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