Be Judged in Your Urban Armour

We all know that in a city like Hong Kong, how you present yourself physically, from your tie to the shoes, is every bit as important as all those expensive (if not sexually enlightening) years at university. For good or ill, Hong Kong is a city where your urban amour – that tailored single-breast pin-strip – needs to be in top form, as you battle the daily rat race.

In the UK, those in the know (and on the throne) get their valeting (not the kind you do for tips dressed like a pool boy) and dry cleaning done by Jeeves of Belgravia (not to be mistaken for Bulgaria). The first Hong Kong branch of this British institution opened in 1994 and now there are little Jeeveses at work in the Galleria, Jardine House, Lee Gardens and Happy Valley. They’ll remove that lip stick smudge from your collar, and purge the bloodstains from that underground boxing club with ease (they also do carpet cleaning and house moving), leaving your urban amour “tight as a tiger” and ready to dazzle.

Because pin stripes are the new urban camouflage

Jeeves of Belgravia
Tel: +852 2973 0071
Dry-cleaning prices range from $210 for a two-piece up to $350 for that three-piece tux

Nuts & Bolts
Give your laundry the royal treatment

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