UMI Sushi Done Right


So, when it comes to authentic Japanese sushi, there’s a chance you don’t know your nigiri from your uramaki, but that’s cool because it’s never too late to learn.

A plethora of sushi styles have been born out of Japan’s ancient fascination with raw fish, including Edomeaezushi, a style that become popular during the Edo period (that’s right, the 1820s) when the average Nihonjin was busier than ever, and when commoners were increasingly starting private businesses, including sushi restaurants. Translated as ‘Edo front’, this style of sushi making – the first to combine raw fish with vinegar-laced rice – was considered as close to ‘fast food’ as timeless principles would allow, and is known for its sweeter and saltier flavor profile.

You can brush up on your Edomeaezushi knowledge at UMI, the newest eatery by the Le Comptoir group, which has opened on Hollywood Road. With just enough room for you and nine of your closest consorts at the seven meter long sushi counter, UMI is the canvas on which fourth-generation sushi master Yukio Kimijima showcases his sushi prowess, creating delicate, intricate omakase (chef’s selection) menus using the finest ingredients sourced from Japan daily. Sit back in your beautifully-designed George Nakashima chair, sip your boutique sake, and watch Kimijima weald his blades as he prepares individual sushi servings, matching each specific fish with its own marinades and garnishes – from hirame from Honshu with Japanese citrus and Himalayan rock salt, to western Pacific kawahagi file fish with slices of fish liver. With nine delectable courses, a two-hour seating might be rushing it by traditional sushi standards, but we’re sure the ancient masters of the past will understand.

After all, time is money.


Shop 3, G/F, 159-163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan