Slow Cow Time to Chill


This might not be news to you, but a recent report published by the Hong Kong Mystery Shopper Service Association found we ranked dead last out of 60 surveyed countries when it came to…smiling! The report cited a direct correlation between the city’s poor smile performance and the levels of stress in the average citizen’s life. Cramped living conditions, traffic, pollution and long working hours are all normal for the average HongKonger, and none of these strains are doing us any good in the process.

All the way from the land of brutal ice hockey, playboy prime ministers and yes, you guessed it, smiles, Slow Cow is a naturally-formulated mind-cooling beverage that’s now available in our fair city. A unique formula of eight natural stress-relieving ingredients, sans caffeine, sugar or preservatives, Slow Cow promises physical and mental relaxation, all with the refreshing flavor of dragon-fruit. There’s valerian and linden to reduce stress; L-Theanine for sharper focus and enhanced memory; chamomile to relieve insomnia; potassium to stabilize blood pressure; and sodium to get your brain pumping.

Now all we have to do is get taxi drivers to drink it.


Slow Cow
Available at 7-Eleven, Park’N Shop and Aeon Stores


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