NextWave Island The Next Generation of Junking


We all remember our first junk; the anticipating of making new friends, plastic cups of warm Tanduay rum and coke under a basking sun; perilous leaps from the top deck, the inevitable accidents on slippery timber, the early pass outs, and the serenity of the final cruise as night descended.

Junking has been an institution in Hong Kong since colonial times and today it’s as much a rite of passage for newbies to the city as it is a way to catch up with all those friends you’ve been meaning to see but simply haven’t found the time. It’s pretty much the perfect way to spend a sun-soaked weekend.

This is like that, but better. Introducing NextWave Island, the city’s first custom-designed party boat, accepting revelers now. Part of the NextWave Charters fleet of luxury cruisers and yachts, NextWave Island has just been launched as the ultimate junk – an air-conditioned lounge complete with 60-inch wall-mounted LED television, full shower facilities and two WCs, and a canopied top deck with lounger beanbags, sandwiches an open central deck that’s the heart of the vessel. Designed to allow maximum ease of movement, the vessel’s central deck is completely open from bow to stern, allowing for groups of up to 45 to mingle easily. There’s an expansive transom at the rear that’s great for a BBQ; a stand up wet bar for budding mixologists; a sound system wired throughout; lounge suites scattered around at convenient angles; and a full complement of water toys, from dive scooters to some of Hong Kong’s first JetSurf boards. A dedicated crew ensures your junking adventure runs smoothly, from serving meals with the full catering options to setting up the slide form the top deck for the ultimate competitive splash off. So graduate you and those friends to the next generation in junking and leave the newbies to their timber prefabs. Let the tradition continue.

NextWave Island
From HK$25,000 for 45 pax and 8 hour charters.>




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