Thursday, 23.11.2017

The Home Stylist Helping You Help Yourself


So you’ve perfected the art of the pickup. You’re looking great, you’re smelling fantastic, you have all the right talking points, you’ve made her smile, you’ve made her laugh, and now you’re desperately hailing for a cab.

But stop. Do you really want her to see that shoebox of an apartment in its natural state? Do you want her to see the half-constructed IKEA coffee table that dominates your living room? Do you think she’ll understand the 1992 Countach pin up collection you consider art? And do you think your flat boasts the proper feng shui conducive to a night of carnal bliss? If not, help is at hand.

The Home Stylist is a styling, staging and renovation company that will ensure your humble man cave looks straight out of a Good Living spread. Created by home guru Alex Sheldon, the agency has offices in Hong Kong and London and will help you either fix what you have, or help you trash it all and start over. They will work with you to create the perfect love pad, set your flat up as a show apartment if you’re looking to sell, or help project manage renovations so you don’t have to. They even have an online service if you literally need someone to point exactly where you should put that Stanley Market black and white painting of a junk.

Because boats can be sexy too.

The Home Stylist


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