Saturday, 21.10.2017

Whisky Connosr


Your lessons in liquor from Connosr
Do you wonder about whisky? Do you dream about Dixie Dew? Do you climb into the shower each morning and sing of single malt? If you’re nodding like the Taco Bell Chihuahua right now, chances are you’ll also enjoy sharing those Tullamore thoughts with a fraternity of Bowmore brethren, men who understand the role of peat and barley in a good drop of fire water, who know the age old battle between Kentucky and Tennessee, Skye and Islay, and who recognise collector’s-edition Lagavulin like a woman recognises Louboutin’s red soles.

Connosr has taken whisky from the mumblings of old men in tweed jackets, lounging by a log fire, to the world of cyberspace. Essentially an online whisky-loving community (Off-Your-FaceBook anyone?), where friends of the mouth-candy can share reviews, link-up in the real world for a wee dram and even create a virtual booze cabinet filled with bottles members want and actually have. You can browse reviews based on your favourite whiskey characteristics, such as “smoky” or “spice”, or by your favourite brand, add photos from your latest whisky experience, check out distillery maps for a liquor pilgrimage, and with a new iPhone application, you can even source all this God-sent info on your phone, whilst enjoying a drink.
Whisky: keeping women and monks beautiful since 1508.
The Nuts & Bolts: Join the online community for whisky lovers at Connosr.


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