Lelo The Know What She Wants


Sex toys can be tricky things to give to someone special.

There is a sense of intimacy that might not mesh well with where your relationship really is (an opposed to where you want it to be); there is a certain expectation inherent in giving sex toys, which says “please use this on me, or even better, on yourself while I watch.” And of course, many bedroom additions are as subtle as a slap in the face, ensuring there is always a 13-inch double-ended black rubber…elephant in the room.

Leave your love toys to LELO, a leader in ‘intimate lifestyle products’ (see they don’t even call them dildos, now that’s classy). This company has tapped into how people – especially women – feel about those little sock draw additions, and have come up with a range of lady-pleasing products that ensure more passion and less questioning looks. From massage oils and silky nightgowns, to their collection of USB-charged pleasure objects (for him and her), LELO’s range is tech-savvy, made from the finest materials, and guaranteed to satisfy. There is even a selection of handy toys for couples to use together, and everything can be brought online, in complete privacy.

More intimacy. Less judgement.



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