Wingman Your Wingman, Anytime


We might be living in an age of astounding innovation, but when it comes to flying, we’re stuck in a rut of mediocrity, no matter what airline (or cabin) we're flying in.

 Seats are a tight fit, packed in to maximise sales; the food is generally bland and unappetising; and more often than not, you’re stuck beside flyers who indulge in travel faux pas, from armrest hogging and seatback lowering to parents who refuse to use Jack Daniels as a pacifier on unruly infants. Yet, every once in awhile, you do come across interesting, personable fellow flyers who make the trip just that little bit more…fun.

Improve your odds of mile-high connections with Wingman, an app that lets you engage with fellow travellers. Like much-hyped dating app Tinder, Wingman allows users to build bite-sized profiles, and then search for potential “travel buddies” on their flight, swiping ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to engage in conversation, or possibly more. The app works on the premise that many flights now offer inflight WiFi, but its developers say it will also be configured to work off Bluetooth. Of course, even the most gregarious and loquacious amongst us need their quiet time, so users can set the app to block any incoming requests for conversation if they need a little solitude. Wingman has just finished beta-tasting, but intrigued travellers can sign up on its website to stay informed and be alerted when it launches this summer.

Yes, that’s right, the mile-high club is accepting applications for membership.



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