Special Operations Agency A Travel Agent that’s Licensed to Kill


Go on, admit it, you rather fancy yourself as the next Bond, and which red blooded man wouldn’t?

 From fast cars to even faster women, 007 lives a life few sample, but it’s not just the secret agent’s savvy fashion sense and Arctic dry wit that ensures he makes it through each mission; years of training have honed his reflexes, leaving him with a particularly Neeson-esque set of skills that ensures he lives another day and the baddies don’t.

Time to upskill with the UK’s Special Operations Agency (SOA), a unique blend of luxury travel and torture training. SOA turns your fantasies into near-reality with a host of customisable operations in which you star. Learn to handle various weapons on the shooting range, perfect your bomb-making and disposal skills, storm hideouts and rescue hostages, or test your evasive driving skills in a high-speed pursuit. From the company’s specialist proving ground, built and utilised by the UK’s elite forces, to exotic locales across Europe, including former Soviet villages and Swiss ski lodges, SOA tailors scenarios that are just the right balance of luxury and lethality. Assemble your closest mates (a bachelor party with live ammunition perhaps?) and suit up for the challenge of a lifetime.

After all, you only live twice.

 Special Operations Agency
From GBP2,850 for a minimum of eight.


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