Wednesday, 20.9.2017

The Manly Meal Coalition Men Speaking the Truth


Truth is a commodity sometimes short in supply in Hong Kong.

We have to take what we eat with a grain of salt, as so many recent food scandals have proven; messages in magazines and online seem to be constantly for sale (except at NecesCity - when we’ve been paid, we tell you); we live in apartments that were advertised as much bigger; and as consumers, we’re pitched, sold, cajoled, marketed, and manipulated by highly-paid agencies of selected truth every moment of the day. So we decided a spot of truth-telling was in order, if only as an excuse for a great night out.

Introducing NecesCity’s Manly Meal Coalition, a gathering of like-minded gentlemen who fancy a night out on the town once a month. With an ever-changing roster of fascinating, international lads from every industry under the sun, we review new restaurants en masse, ensuring we’re truly taking the temperature of NecesCity readers’ opinions in the best way we know how – with an enthralling, hilarious, unashamedly blokeish, undoubtedly un-PC, booze-laced dinner party that concludes with a review on We pay our way – as every gentleman should – and everyone has a chance to say what they really think about restaurants and bars armed with PR legions at their beck and call. Spaces are limited so express your interest on Facebook or Twitter and come and join us in seeking the truth.

Viva la Revolution.

 Tell us why you’d be perfect at telling the truth at @NecesCity or on Facebook and look out for your invite to the next dinner.


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