Playboy All You’ll Want for Christmas


‘Tis the season, and along with the carols that grate on your nerves, the frenzy of last-minute shopping, and the often tacky ornaments and displays found…well, just about everywhere, comes the disappointment on Christmas morning when you unwrap your gifts to find a pile of presents that “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t quite make up for.

 It might be another novelty Christmas sweater, a book you’ll never read, or - practical, if unimaginative – a year’s supply of socks. Either way, you’ll probably find yourself doing the tedious post-Christmas round of stores trying to organise exchanges, or – more realistically – setting the presents aside for subtle regifting.

Steel yourself to smile and say thank you on Christmas morning by getting yourself a very special present, one that you’ll appreciate all year round. The velvet-robed powers that be at Playboy have bestowed a Christmas miracle on men of the world with an exclusive digital subscription to the lad mag’s entire collection. For just US$60, you’ll get instant, unlimited access to Playboy’s full archives, which include over 100,000 photos and more than 4,000 models across all of the magazine’s 700+ issues. You can access your cover-to-cover subscription through your computer or tablet, and best of all, you’ll also get each new issue of Playboy as it’s released.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.






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