Bikini Fit The Gift that Keeps on Giving


We’re all looking for motivation in life; we’re all looking for satisfaction, renewed energy, and even companionship, and what better time to seek these essential elements out than at the end of yet another year?

 But don’t forget, we’re not the only ones seeking satisfaction: our women are as well. So this Christmas, pretend it’s her birthday and put her needs before your own, by giving a gift that’s not only inspiring, motivating, and rewarding, but is completely tailored to her sex.

Yes, buy her a membership to Bikini Fit’s next training season, which commences January 12. Bikini Fit is the acclaimed all-woman exercise boot camp-cum-cult – you might have seen their honed ranks training in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Park, or Sun Yet Sun Memorial Park – and they’re signing up new members for their first 10-week program in 2015. Bikini Fit features a troop of sadistic female instructors versed in a plethora of martial arts and tasked with helping your lady love reach her fitness goals in a positive and motivating environment. With sessions six mornings a week, you’ll have to give up any notions of morning nookie, but she’ll make friends, get fit, and feel fantastic, all thanks to you (oh, and Bikini Fit). Regular nutrition and goal setting classes at their Central office help keep her on course, and the endorphin overload each morning is guaranteed to bankroll you in brownie points. Limited spaces are snapped up fast by Bikini Fit junkies so be in to…win. Because happy wife (or significant other), happy life.

Bikini Fit: creating an army of she-ninjas, one girlfriend at a time.



Bikini Fit
From HK$9,540 for 12 weeks (72 sessions)


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