EuroGoodies sells life’s little pleasures
We all have moments when we pine for a taste of home; walk into any “Wellcome” and you’ll see your fellow expats, awash in cruel fluorescent light, clutching half-empty baskets as they examine the oriental offerings like museum exhibits.

Oh, what they would do for a dollop of Nutella or a hunk of Bratwurst! It’s not even the high-end international food most of us are after, but the basic stuff you’d even find in a London student flat.
But now you can get your international treats by mail order (and we don’t mean brides) with EuroGoodies. Next time you have a hankering for Austrian apple juice, minced meat stuffed cabbage or a whole smoked rainbow trout, simply go online and browse their range of food and drink (with its distinctive German leanings) and they’ll deliver. The prices are surprisingly good; 24 bottles of Budvar will set you back HK$230 and a pack of Haribo Gold Bears is HK$19.50. In fairness, that’s a lot for Haribo, but who can put a price on happiness? Delivery fees vary according to where you live and how much you spend.
Like Oktoberfest in Tsim Sha Tsui, it’s the best of Europe in Asia.
Tel: 2574-0220

The Nuts and Bolts: EuroGoodies home delivery means happy Germans and Nutella for all.


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