Chope Lock in Your Dining Experience


It’s true that some women love spontaneity in a man; they think it reflects on our romanticism and creativity, and that’s all fine and dandy.

But there is nothing worse than turning up to her favourite restaurant come date night, only to find you’re the last couple in Hong Kong to arrive and the place is packed to the rafters. She may say it’s fine, she may lie straight to your face and say it’s okay, but we all know you’ve just screwed the proverbial pooch. If only you had been a little more organised.

Enter Chope (Singaporean slang for a booking), a free site and app dedicated to getting you reservations at Hong Kong’s top restaurants in a very timely matter. Simply log on and book your table 24/7, without having to battle it out on the telephone or leave countless unanswered messages. You’ll receive instant confirmation of your booking and even have access to a host of dining specials through the site. Chope doesn’t get you access to restaurants that are already booked solid, but it does allow you quick and easy access to an ever-increasing selection of top spots, meaning less time on the phone and more time planning your after dinner strategy.

Leave the spontaneity for the bedroom.



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