Uber Ride In Style


You’re a charismatic man of the world, with a nuanced appreciation for the finer things in life and a wardrobe of suits that make Sinatra look like a hobo.

You ooze effortless elegance, and the last thing you need is anything – or anyone – cramping your style. Yet in our fair city, there’s one thing guaranteed to kill your buzz fast: the ubiquitous red taxi. Extortionary call charges, cabbies who drive like drag racers, and the indignity of the door being opened automatically before you’re ready to exit the vehicle are just a few choice taxi buzzkills – and that’s only if you actually manage to get a cab, an increasingly difficult occurrence. 

Bypass all this with Uber. The new app allows you to use your smartphone to request an on-call car-and-driver service as and when you need it. Simply register with a credit card, then map your current location and destination to get a fare quote for your trip; once you’re happy, choose your ride – there are different options, including town car and SUV – and track your car on the map while it’s en route to you. The driver’s name and car details also appear in the app so you can contact them if necessary. At your destination your card will be charged with the previously estimated fare and you’ll be emailed a receipt. Best of all, if you’re travelling with Uber-using friends, the app lets you split the fare equally.

Public transport with class.





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