Hong Kong Brew Craft It’s Time to Bond


There are few ancient traditions as suitable for male bonding as brewing your own beer. Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Sumerian gentlemen knew a thing or two about male bonding, getting together as far back as the 5th millennium to celebrate the marriage of water, grain, hops, and yeast, and the birth of a sweet, timeless elixir that’s fuelled revolution and celebration ever since. Today, in a modern day homage to the patron goddess of brewing, Ninkasi, the global micro-brewing industry is booming, as craft beer is made and enjoyed by innovative lads from Amsterdam to Auckland and everywhere in between.

Now budding cerevisaphiles can share in this global bonding phenomenon thanks to Hong Kong Brew Craft, an urban shrine to stout, an alter to hand-crafted ales, conveniently located in Central. In addition to its impressive selection of hard-to-find small-batch brews (the Voodoo Doughnut bacon and maple ale is particularly intriguing), this palace of pale ale has all the tubes, bottles, vats, and grains you need to create your own master drop, and if you’re new to this ancient he-tradition, their three-hour home-brew classes are the perfect lads’ afternoon out, and include a gallon of your own golden-hued goodness at the end.

Waters, hops, barley, and brotherhood.

Hong Kong Brew Craft
Classes from HK$680 per person.




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