Quarterly Co. Treasures Quarterly Packs Curated by Your Idols


By nature, we love our idols, but it’s difficult getting close to them. Besides their Twitter feeds, the relationship is at arm’s-length… until Quarterly. The service allows you to spend roughly US$25 – 100 on a quarterly package, delivered to your door, curated by one of your idols. To reiterate, you get a box with stuff hand-picked by someone you rate. And remember, your idols want to continue looking awesome in your eyes so it’s good stuff, albeit designed to make them look even more awesome.

Check out the first box from Tim Ferriss, for instance, writer of The 4-Hour Work Week. It includes a Buddha Board, a board you paint with water that evaporates shortly afterwards (like disappearing ink); Athletic Greens, which apparently keeps him healthy; a documentary on performance-enhancing drugs; his favourite book, Letters From a Stoic by Seneca; a Japanese razor saw and much more. It’s generally an eclectic mixture of the useful, the cool and the bizarre - and the goods are often provided at a discount.Product placement at its best.

We like the service because of the surprise. You don’t know what you’re going to get but you can bank on the fact that it’s going to make you smile, and perhaps even help you live a little better. Other interesting contributors who might take your fancy include Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Reddit; Pharrell Williams, the musician; and the two guys behind Cool Hunting. It’ll certainly make Christmas gifts that much easier.

Quarterly results.

Quarterly Co. 



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