Wednesday, 24.5.2017

Good Time Photo Services Digitise And Restore Old Photos


Hard copy photos are awesome but most of our snaps are dying before our eyes. Time and the elements - particularly the humidity in HK - take their toll. These days, you can only just make out Uncle Jimmy's face as he head plants into the sea from that fateful wake boarding trip to Skegness, circa 1999. Fortunately, if you want to restore your photos and save them forever, Good Time Photo Services is here to help.

Eric, founder of the business, discovered how torturous it is to scan photos himself and that's why he decided to set up the company. In sum, they take your photos, your slides or your negatives - scan them - and give you back a CD/USB of your snaps, the originals as well as enhanced hard copies that have been brought back to life. For a lot of us chaps, that's the only way we'll ever see ourselves with hair again, plus coverting all those photo into a single DVD frees up space for that indoor putting green.

The customer service is tip top and they handle your images with care. If they can, they'll pick up your photos personally (otherwise they use a courier service) and typically have the photos back to you in 3 - 7 days. On average, each customer asks them to handle 500/600 snaps, which works out to roughly HK$1,300 door-to-door. Best of all, if you've got an album where the photos are stuck to the pages, they can deal with that too. A job worth paying someone else to do if ever we've seen one.

Good times restored.


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