Fill in the Blank HK Creative Social Workspace in Wan Chai


Fill in the Blank is a cool concept. A 'Creative, social workspace' in Wan Chai (quite the mouthful), it's a place to play board games, do a bit of work away from your home/office, have a FIFA battle and meet some of the city's great minds. Men who can press R1 and X at the same time, send a text to their girlfriend while ordering a sub of the day, and chat with their mother while reading the latest headlines. It's trickier than it looks.

Spanning 1,000 square feet, the eclectic, homely space is packed with movies, magazines, books and an Xbox hooked up to a projector. Free WiFi is available throughout, while wireless printing and scanning, phone and computer chargers, dry erase walls and tables complete the extras you need to work and play at your leisure. Frankly, you're kidding yourself if you think you'll work better with people nattering around you - that's how girls revise - but at least you'll enjoy it more here.

They host regular games nights, offer little workshops on minefields such as Photoshop, and serve snacks including popcorn, hummus, cappuccinos and their secret dessert. You pay for the time you spend there - starting from HK$50 for an hour plus two coupons - and can rent the whole space for a night if you want a party venue. In sum, it's the only place in Hong Kong that you whisper if you're in finance, adding that you're looking to get into something more creative.

Fill it in.


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