Wednesday, 24.5.2017

Hilarious Expat Memes HK Though an Expat's Eyes


We don’t normally write about something that’s cool and free - that’s a pretty tall order in Hong Kong. Even fornication, god’s great free gift to man, comes at a price here. Men are forced to prowl from SoHo to LKF, filling the coffers of bar owners as they search for a carnal outlet. If there weren’t the moral turpitude associated with prostitution then guys would simply cut their losses and head to Wan Chai. So, it's quite the result that we’ve found something free and fun - Cantonese memes of Expattery.

If you're a militant, patriotic local - we’d advise looking away now. The memes cover a variety of expat generalisations such as fighting for a space on the MTR, colleagues returning to work after lunch keen on burping their way to a nuclear winter, and the inevitable wrist-slitting that comes with any call to PCCW’s customer service. At NecesCity we once spent, without exaggeration, over an hour on the phone to PCCW without speaking to a single human. The mind boggles.

Why do middle-aged Chinese men walk around with their vests rolled up and their pot-bellies hanging out? Do Hong Kongers learn to walk that slowly at an academy? In what possible world is it ok to cut your nails in public, on a moving bus, with clippings flying everywhere and the sound haemorrhaging around the carriage? We don’t know. We don’t have the answers but it gives us something funny to rant about, and the fact is, we love this city.

Free laughs.


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