Inspire for Men Spa/Fitness Men Only Fitness & Massage Specialist


Inspire for Men is one of the few male enclaves in Hong Kong where guys can workout or have a rub down without worrying about looking like a bloated pumpkin. The men-only facility is carefree simply because there aren’t any women to impress. Appearances are about one thing and one thing only (Darwin framed it slightly more elegantly) but at Inspire for Men you can keep your torso under wraps until it’s ready for its HK debut.

Their personal trainers will coax you to the peak of physical conditioning with various options to match your sensibilities. Formats include: Kick boxing, Thai Boxing (Cardiovascular); Weight Training, Core Training (Muscular Strength and Endurance); Pilates and Yoga (Mind and Spirit). In fact there’s nothing like a real-life-human-being to push you to your limits. Before you know it, you’ll be looking at the mirror - naked.

Inspire for Men also offers some of the best facial, slimming and massage services in town. Known as ‘Star Treatments’, they include ARP CellCare Facial Treatment, MicroDerma Cell Renewal Therapy, Cryo-frequency Slimming Treatment, Thai Massage, Bian Stone Massage and Reflexology. They all take place in private rooms which is essential because nobody wants to see another man’s barnacled feet showering dead skin on to the floor, as seems to be the case in most HK establishments. Best of all, they’re now offering a Star Treatment or a 1-hour Personal Training session for $328, so if you’re exasperated by your current health and fitness facilities - get booking.

Even Batman needs to work out.

Partner Pulsit.


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