JAM Solutions - A/V Specialist Home Entertainment for Hong Kong


If you’ve ever tried designing, buying or installing a home entertainment system in Hong Kong then you’ll know there’s an abject dearth of options. The few companies that do exist either offer appalling service or charge ludicrous sums of money, but hope has arrived in the form of JAM Solutions. We know men love gadgetry - it’s hunting for the 21st century - but sometimes you need to hand over to the professionals.

JAM Solutions offers full A/V services from consultation to calibration which means they can do everything from installing a projector to designing an entire home system. One of the best features is that they’ll offer you a range of quotes for the same project based on different levels of equipment. Of course you’re likely to get carried away and decide you need that extra sub, repeating to yourself what it will cost as a percentage rather than in real terms but that’s half the fun. So long as you’re not married.

Set up by a Canadian former accountant who wanted to watch ice hockey on a proper screen but was disillusioned by what Hong Kong had to offer, JAM Solutions is comparable with similar services in Europe or the States. In point of fact they’ll oversee the power systems, sound proofing, automation and so on, but critically you’ll also be able to control your whole house (all three rooms of it) with one universal controller, such as an iPad. They’ll even teach your girlfriend how to use it.

Start Jamming.

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