Get some relief at Stretch

Whether you lead a sedentary or active lifestyle, sitting in your office all week long or straining your muscles in a game of sport can really take a toll on your body. So if your physiotherapist can’t seem to untie the nastiest of knots, then you might want to consider a whole other approach to your pain.

Try Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), a technique that involves actively stretching for two seconds at a time to increase mobility and flexibility. AIS has helped many professional athletes relieve pain, prevent injuries, promote faster recovery, and increase blood circulation. In Hong Kong, Stretch is the only studio that offers such therapy. The 2,300 sq ft studio is equipped with changing facilities, glass lockers and treatment beds. According to founder, Christ Watts, the most common pain complaint he receives has to do with the lower back, which he attributes to sitting for hours on end without moving around. He and his team of therapists offer one-on-one treatments (HK$850-$1,590) and group classes, of which the new Stretch Fitness class (HK$110 x 40 sessions) focuses on stretching different muscle groups. In no time, you’ll be able to stretch the ‘right’ way on your own.

Feeling flexed?

4/F Winsome House, 73 Wyndham Street, Central, Tel: 2167-8686

The Nuts & Bolts: Stretch your pain away at Stretch, the city’s only studio that relieves muscle pain with the technique of Active Isolated Stretching.

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