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Nathalie Sinclair is an osteopath working in Hong Kong who’s treated everyone from Olympic skiers to pop stars. She’s got the skills and that’s handy because as we get older our bodies catch up on us. It’s frightening when the most sedentary of sports, golf, leaves us aching the next day so we need a little care. What’s equally fortunate, however, is as we get older we can afford it. Not golf though – membership in Hong Kong is ludicrous.

Nathalie works at Central Osteopathy where they can treat anything from sheer laziness (sitting at your desk too long) to sports injuries. Osteopaths work on the structure and function of the body, using physical manipulation to make sure your skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues work smoothly together. You’ll be able to move your limbs to degrees you haven’t been able to reach since you were seven years old.

Apart from working with Olympic skier, Chemmy Alcott (above) – who finished 11th in the Downhill at the Vancouver Winter Olympics – Nathalie’s treated race car drivers and Molly, a singer from the UK group The Saturdays. She’s got safe hands that’ve been some interesting places. No drugs or surgery is involved either, so if you’re in pain but find hospitals scarier than North Korea’s new leader; it’s worth giving her a shout.

Medical miracles.

Central Osteopathy (Nathalie Sinclair)

Suite 2101, Queen's Place, 74 Queen's Rd. Central
2151 2528


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