Thursday, 14.12.2017

DeeM Vintage Furniture Shop New Shop Takes You to Another Vortex


A new furniture shop called DeeM has opened at 252 Hollywood Road selling all sorts of vintage collectibles and artwork. It could be a valuable addition to your shopping landscape because there are few things as revealing as someone's home. You make an instant judgement when you see how they've decorated - with the exception of Ikea glasses. There's an amnesty on Ikea glasses because everyone has them.

Although DeeM has pieces from various decades, when you walk in it feels like you've taken a trip with Doctor Who back to the 70s. In particular there's an orange floral sofa from American designer Edward Wormley which should make you want to vomit but somehow makes you want to buy it. It's the type of sofa that should appear in a gritty drama about drug use. Instead it can be yours for HK$36,000.

The pieces are pricey but they're collectibles and you won't find many of them elsewhere in Hong Kong. Other highlights include 1930s plaster busts from New York sculptor Walter Rotan, a 1940s outdoor rocking chaise designed by Walter Lamb and tub chairs that date back to the 1920s. The best thing to do is head along and enter the time warp yourself, content to look at these period pieces knowing that smallpox is no longer a threat to humanity.

Ah, the faint smell of progress.

252 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan
2544 2424


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