Wednesday, 20.9.2017

Global Concierge Serves You Live the Life of a King


Global Concierge is a Hong Kong based concierge service that can sort you out with everything from Aussie Open tickets to a trip to the Antarctic. It's very appealing because we all love the thought of having a personal concierge. There's something presidential about picking up the phone but only needing to say a few words to get stuff done. "Wimbledon Men's Final", for instance - and here's your chance.

Their services are split between Lifestyle Management, Creative Concepts and Travel. The latter speaks for itself. They essentially act as your personal travel agent so you don't have to haggle with long finger-nailed taxi drivers when you touch down in Ho Chi Minh. They can also deliver closer to home, so if you want to spend New Year's in Macau without the nausea of the ferry they'll book you a helicopter. Although you might regret that after you crash at blackjack.

Lifestyle Management entails pretty much anything you want. For instance if you're keen to go on a junk this weekend or if you want someone to act as your intermediary with Inland Revenue (perhaps so you can go on the junk) they'll get it done. Perhaps best of all, however, is their Creative Concepts branch. If you fancy being trackside at the Singapore F1 or want to strut your stuff on the red carpet at the next MTV Music Awards, they're only four words away. Well, three words to go to the awards but that wouldn't be very polite.

Come see the Concierge.

(Partner Pulsit)

Global Concierge
9098 9015


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